Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day One.... It begins!

Let me start, by introducing myself. 

Hello, my name is Roman.  

Now that all the formal introductions are aside, lets begin shall we?   I just recently moved to San Francisco, Ca.   The golden city amongst the bay.   I work as an Account Executive with 7 of the local radio stations.  I'm 27, single, (gay) and am having the time of my life.   I have lived in the city before in the past and actually have moved back in March right before my birthday (March 25).  I moved in with two young gay men, one named Brendan, (TOTAL F-ING DICK) and the other Adam (TOTAL F-ING AMAZING!)   I had met them after replying to a Craigslist ad titled "Cozy room in the Castro with an amazing view!".    The timing was right and I received a reply to come to an open house.    I went with my best friend Troy at the time.   The "interrogation" went well and about a few weeks later I was contacted by Brendan, welcoming me into their home.   The rent was $750. I thought I had found the best deal, in the best neighborhood, with the best roommates.   The House was OK, your stereotypical not-updated 1960's style apartment with a landlord who I don't even know lives in the country.  The bedroom was as described.  Cozy, (translation- extremely small- almost unlivable habitation) had an amazing view of the city... But the one thing that I would soon find out was... BRENDAN is Nuts!     I survived about 6 months of hypocrisy by someone who is a Holistic Life Coach.   It was such a joke that he made money off telling people how to live their life, when he, himself, is such an unhappy- and unpleasant person.    I soon came to realize since Brendan had moved into this apartment he had ran each roommate off roughly about every 3-6 months for one reason or another.  Now Brendan is a smoker (wait?!? I thought people who teach holistic life don't smoke? )  nope, he does, he was on the phone right before I moved out talking about how he needed to buy cigarette's for burning man.   He then proceeded to purchase "Schroom's"   (illegal mushrooms that you digest and hallucinate on; oh wait, maybe he's a Hallucination Life Coach- god, this makes sense now!)    Non-the-less, I digress!   So Things didn't work out with Brendan and I, so I chose to move out.   I just moved in with two new- and both amazing- roommates Collen and Adria (we'll get to them at a future time).   I wanted to start this blog and describe places I had visited, and experienced from everything such as food and wine, to clubs, and museums and anything along the way.   I wanted this to be a true, insight to what San Francisco has to offer.     No more touristy books, that may be rated PG-  This is the TRUE SAN FRANCISCO EXPERIENCE!

So follow me, as I Roam Around The City.... *Get it?*